Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today is World Refugee Day.

Refugee is a word relatively new to the American psyche. Of course, over the centuries a refugee has been called by other names, but only with the introduction in print and visual media has America and in smaller degrees parts of Europe been advised to the suffering of millions of people.

The refugees in Africa are the ones discussed in the CNN article but in its structure and presentation it is concise and to the point. Any reader to this site should find it most contemplating.

There is sadness in America today as two bodies in Iraq have been confirmed the kidnapped US soldiers. Millions of Americans are homeless—another form of roaming refugee—and with the other major issues that face America and individual citizens today I can see how World Refugee Day will be largely overlooked.

However, I urge my readers to take a minute and remember all those people, broken families, elderly without a home tonight. Take a minute to fully contemplate being part of a larger world and ask yourself what one might do to help solve this very real, very large problem.

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