Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ego Boost

It has been a small ego boost to see released this week Tusday, a movie that discusses in-depth the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned America about in his farewell address.

In a post from May, entitled, "Show Me The Money" I speak on this very idea.

The film, Why We Fight by Director Eugene Jarecki (The Trials of Henry Kissinger) has used the film as a commentary on the contemporary obsession of the American elite with military power. Harking back to a speech by President Eisenhower, who, just before he left office, referred to the "military-industrial complex" that included too much intelligence, and too much business acumen in America, becoming focussed on the production of unnecessary weapons systems. Below is a link that will allow you to view the trailer. I highly recommend all to see this this film.

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