Sunday, June 04, 2006

Czech Elections Deadlock

The Czech general election has ended in deadlock with the conservative opposition slightly ahead but with no clear prospect of forming a government. Exit polls suggested a decisive victory for the Civic Democrats over the Social Democrats after they promised to cut tax and fight corruption.

But according to the full preliminary results, they and their allies won only half the seats in parliament. Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek(left in picture) has refused to admit defeat.
What does all this mean?

Nothing and everything. It is nothing because the election had been supposed to put an end to four years of political instability. The result clearly shows this not to be. It is everything for the reason that Czech politics needs to reflect Czech politicians new accountable attitute toward Czech citizens. With Communist candidates winning local elections and holding a portion of seats in Parliament, with the Czech president, elected in 2002, a former communist, economic problems, unemployment, and little difference between the two Party's except the first word, the beacon for democracy in New Europe should live up to its expectations that, for a brief, moment under President Havel did.

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