Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rolling the dice with Iran, again

There has been a major shift regarding the US and Iran. Diplomacy, or lack there of with Iran has changed. This is good.

It is possible that Iran will agree to explore the idea of talks, though its initial response has been to say that talks would be acceptable but that suspension of enrichment is unacceptable. If that attitude continues, there will be no talks.
On the other hand, it appears to have reached a plateau in its current enrichment programme, having announced that it has enriched uranium to nuclear power levels.

This is both a positive and a negative for the United States. The two factions in the Bush Administration the doves and the hawks are preparing for anything. The doves, a chance for peaceful resolution that will avoid open military conflict. The hawks, lead by Vice-President Cheney, preparing for the breakdown of talks and refusal on any agreement, which then might improve their position on the need for action. Secretary Rice, who yesterday announced the Administration's intention to join in talks with Iran is considered a leading dove (interesting what a title means). The situation in Iran is the same. Yes, even in a theocracy there are doves and hawks, we just call them hardliners and moderates.

The bigger question for both is given the chance to talk will they? Or will each use the rhetoric of the other to avoid the tough decisions that amount to peace.

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