Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Today's news held many topics that I found interesting and wanted to write on.

However, errands and chores and work, all of which occupy a large part of my day interfered. Moreover, I was struggling with what topic to write on. The elections in Georgia where Ralph Reed lost the lieutenant governorship or President Bush dusting off his veto pen to write his name on stem-cell legislation that his Party, in control of the Senate, had passed. There was the latest news from the Middle East, where the term developing story, really means that as Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah are fighting each other, while the ordinary civilians are killed, tourists flee on cruise ships, temporarily converted to transport vessels, and the collective leadership in the UN, EU, and in Moscow at the G8 summit all seem rather pleased to scratch their heads and talk amongst themselves all the while providing NO leadership on a solution least of all action. Violence, not the least of which, reported today, was the rising civilian death toll in Iraq. More bombings, suicide and remote detonated from cars point to what? More death, sectarian strife, and an America unable to control situations of their choosing. And I have not yet mentioned Afghanistan.

So, my readers, I was prevented from writing today on a topic of substance because I was, frankly, overwhelmed. My humble apology and an oath to do better tomorrow.

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