Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

In prior holiday posts I have spoke on the issue of over-commercialism. Independence Day is no different. As we celebrate with fireworks, drinks and food, most American's have lost the historical guidepost that launched this celebration.

In the ever-changing, highly technological, and globalization world, American's nowadays speak in ambiguous terms on the meaning of liberty, freedom, and patriotism. The final term, in particular, the troublesome sibling to the often coined talkshow and governmental word, unpatriotic. With social issues, international issues, those who have disagreed loudly enough to be heard and/or noticed have been declared unpatriotic. This is hypocritical to the fundamental cause that gentlemen from Massachusetts and Virginia, New York, Maine, Georgia , and South Carolina faced in the heat of July in 1776.

Dissent is Patriotic. It is not only a bumper sticker but an action rooted in this nation's founding. Something our politicians have forgotten and our newsmedia more often than not refuse to do.

Remember this and remember too that the freedoms we have taken for granted, have been paid in blood by countless generations of families and soldiers. Remember them and honor them as you raise your glass today and watch the fireworks.

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