Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Move, A Pause In Writing & A New Blog

To those of you who have read this blog over the last six months please accept my apologies for not being consistant over the past month. I have tried but things in my personal life have consumed more of my time.

As of November 20, 2006 I will have moved to Europe. This new geographic location was decided upon well before the US midterm elections, of which, I was happy with the outcome. Bi-partisanship is a good thing! The move overseas was precepitated by my wife accepting a promotion at work and with that the upheaval and generalized choas of boxes and suitecases began. I am happy to report that the choas is now concluded.

With the decision to move and my nagging conscience telling me to write a blogpost I settled upon an idea that has entertained every expatriot in Europe-journal ones experiences-which in this technological era contains the sketches a brand-new blog. This point was pressed by a close friend over farewell coffee and I embrace the idea.

So, an end to this blog and the beginnings of a new one.

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