Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fighting Bob's Death

In the State of Wisconsin, once the beacon of Progressive politics, reform, and ideas saw that very idea killed Tuesday night.
Not surprising, Democrats were very vocal on Tuesday night, saying Republicans were only using the marriage amendment, as a way to drive more conservatives to the polls, though opposition came from some Republicans too.
Supporters of the ban said after the vote that they weren't worried at all about the bipartisan opposition, because of all the bipartisan support for the ban.
What was interesting was not this result; hypocrites and bigots seem to be allowed more time to expell hot air these days, but that the "progressive" or liberal paper of the capital city, The Capital Times side-stepped the issue completely, choosing instead to discuss the potential plight of Wisconsin aged, who co-habitat, but are not gay.
What should be uncomfortable for anyone paying attention to this issue is how the legislature and a single political party is reaching into the state constitution and citizen's lives, forcing an issue that most Wisconsin citizens would rather not worry about. Once upon a time, politicians who achieved this type of self-centered, single-issue advocacy found opposition in men like Bob LaFollette, his son and an army of progressive citizens that dominated state politics during the early 1900's. Tuesday night indicated that all that remains of progressive politics is the myth. As for the state constitution, let this battle for Wisconsin's future, now begin in earnst!

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